Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The latest...

I emailed our agency yesterday.  I try not to bug them too much.  If I had it my way I'd be emailing them everyday with questions.  But it had been awhile so I went for it.  

I asked them when they thought we would travel to South Korea.  I got an answer I wasn't expecting...

September or October!

Can you believe it?  I was expecting to hear December.  Really I was.  

We could be bringing our son home in 12 weeks.  12 weeks!!!  That is sooo soon.  We will be a family of five so soon.  I can hardly believe it.  I'm so excited!!!

I can't wait to have him here with us.  I can't wait to feel like we're complete... finally!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surpise Disneyland trip.

I told the girls we were going to LA to stay in a hotel and go swimming. They were so excited. They love hotels. Especially Faye. She would live in a hotel if she could.

We piled up in the car. Me and the girls, my parents and my aunt. We made it down to LA, no questions asked. I was so excited to surprise them the following morning with Disneyland.
We swam, we went out to eat. We listened as the Disneyland fireworks boomed so loudly in the sky that our room was shaking. They never asked.

In the morning I told the girls we wouldn't be able to swim because we had other plans. Disneyland!!! They were excited. There was no screaming with excitement, which is what I was hoping for.
We got ready and headed out for our day at Disneyland. 

 Also, it was three years to the day that my dad survived a heart attack. What a fun way to celebrate!

Water park at the hotel!

Claire loves these things.

Claire driving for the first time.  Made me a little scared for what's to come.

So excited about painted faces and cotton candy!

Insane amount of strollers...everywhere!

Sister sleep time after a looooong day.

And we ended our trip with our car breaking down about an hour from home. Yay. It was quite an adventure! Faye wasn't loving being trapped in the car on the side of a busy freeway. But daddy came to the rescue!

Disneyland surprise trip was a success!

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