Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear baby...

As some of you know I keep a journal with letters to our baby.  It's hard right now because all of my letters say the same things over and over again... but I keep writing them because I'm always thinking about him and I have to let him know.  You'd think it would be hard to write letters to a little person that you've never seen or met but it's so easy.  He is such a part of us already.  He's talked about all day long.  He is prayed for and loved and adored.  Here's one of my letters...

Written June 1st, 2011

Hello little one.  Life has been so busy, but I'm thinking of you all day long.  We pray for you every night, for your tiny body and you little beating heart... for every little part of you.  We pray that your foster family is loving on you like crazy!  We miss you!  Can we miss you??  We haven't met you yet.  I have never held you or looked into your face but I miss you so much!  My life is incomplete.  My heart is aching to hold you and kiss your sweet face and I just want to tell you that I love you!  Baby boy, come home!

I hope that he looks back on these letters one day and knows how loved he was even before we saw him or met him for the first time.  I hope he knows that he was a part of our family from the moment God put him on our hearts.  

I seriously love our little baby boy!  I've been having a rough time with the wait lately.  But I'm feeling peace about everything.  I'm not stressed... just a little sad.  I just always feels like something is missing.  We should be seeing his picture for the first time any day now!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I LOVE that Claire and  Faye have each other.  Lately they are the best of friends.  And I'm loving it.  They still fight... a lot.  But when they are not fighting they've got a pretty amazing little thing goin' on.  They laugh, they scream, they run around, they play make believe allllll day, they talk, they read, they watch movies, they color, they pick out each other's outfits and shoes... they do everything together... no wonder why they fight!  But I look at their little friendship and I just think it's so freaking cool how God does that.  They have each other.  They will always have each other.  And I pray every night that they will be patient and kind to each other... and I will pray this when they're 15 and 17, I'll even pray this prayer when they are in their 30's.  But they have such a bond and it's so cool to see them grow together.  It's cool to see how they influence each other and need each other and I hope and pray that it will always be that way.  They are sooo different but sooo made for each other.  What a special thing to have.  

And I can't even wait to watch them love on their baby brother!!!!!!!!!

Sweet sisters.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adoption Update :(

I'm sad today.  I've been doing a lot of research tonight about Korean adoptions and I'm freaking out.  Word is that Korea wants to close their program by 2012.  Scary.  We are barely starting.  I'm worried that this won't work out.  We need to have all of our paperwork "accepted" by 2012, which is doable but we're cutting it close since there are only 6 months left in 2011.  So please pray.  Pray that things will continue to move along and that we'll have patience.  If this falls through I want to be okay with it.  I know I'll be heartbroken because I have my heart set on that sweet little asian face but I'm trusting that God knows what is best for our family.  So this is just a little update.  We need your prayers friends!