Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I know I wrote about this a little bit in my Disneyland blog...

But it's been so heavy on my heart I have to write more...

My heart is aching for our baby.  I think about him constantly.  I honestly just feel like part of our family is missing.  And anytime the girls and I are laughing like crazy and having fun, or just sitting quietly and reading or cuddling I want him here so bad to share the moment with us.  

He is sooo much a part of of our family already.  He's part of our conversation all the time.  We pray for him every night... for his health and that he'll come home soon!

He's just part of us!  And I can't even wait to bring him home.

I've been keeping a journal for him... It's more like a book of letters written to him.  I tell him about our day and how things are moving along with the agency.  I pray for him.  Keeping a journal for him was suggested to me by a friend who was adopted from South Korea.  I thought it was such a good idea and I started it as soon as we got going on the adoption.  I know one day he'll appreciate it greatly.

I don't know... I guess things are feeling more real because I started clearing out the play room to make room for his things... Not that he has a lot of things yet.  But he will soon.  So it's hitting hard that he is actually going to be here!  He'll have a room and his own toys and clothes.  It's crazy to think about.  We're going to have a son!!!

And we're still at #7 on the waiting list.  We might be hearing some good news within in the next few weeks.  Hopefully, we'll have moved up a few spots!  But I'm not feeling anxious.  I'm feeling peace about everything.  I'm feeling like God knows exactly who he is.  He knows our son.  I've been praying that we'll bring the baby home that was made for our family and that the timing will be perfect.  He's out there and I trust that the Lord knows.

So I just needed to write a little... about him.  About how much I love him and how much I can't wait to look at his precious face and feel so proud to call him my baby... my son.  Aaaahhh.  

Little man... here I am in California.  And there you are in South Korea.

We're so far apart but you are my son and I adore you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


On Wednesday evening we drove to Anaheim so we could go to Disneyland Thursday morning.  Yay!!!  Me and the girls had been talking about it for weeks and we were so excited.  Kind of last minute we got Brittany (sister-in-law/auntie) to go with us.  I'm so glad she did.  Also, my mom, dad and my aunt came with us.  Then while we were there my older brother and his girlfriend Natalie met us for dinner and Lane's sister, Dani also met up with us.  Family renunion!!!!  It was a blast!

So we made it about 10 miles from our house and I got a speeding ticket!!!!!!!!  I honestly didn't even notice that I was going 83!  The girls had How to Train your Dragon blasting on their DVD players and I didn't hear the siren.  The cop was mad and said he'd had his lights and siren on for "a long time".  Ooops.  While he was writing up my ticket Claire was screaming in the back seat saying that she wanted to go to Disneyland!!!  She didn't think we were gonna make it.  Then she asked about every 15 minutes on the way down if we were there yet.  We finally made it to our hotel at 10:00 pm!

We all slept good.  We got ready and off we went!

Ready to go!

Blonde hair & brown eyes.  People think they're mother and daughter.

Autographs from Minnie!  So cute!

Autograph from Woody.  The highlight of Faye's day!

She was in heaven here...

Faye cried her eyes out for 10 minutes after we left Woody.  
She was heartbroken!

Cotton candy!  Claire at the whole thing.... gross.

Cute Faye in her first Minnie ears.  Isn't she precious??

My grumpy girl after waiting in line to meet Rapunzel for an hour.

Finally!  We met Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!  It was so worth the wait.  They talked to the girls for so long and asked questions and made them feel so special.  When we were done Faye blew Flynn Rider a kiss which surprised me!  She's NEVER EVER done that before.  She's in love.  At dinner we asked her who she likes more, Justin Bieber or Flynn Rider??  She said, "Flynn Widew".  

So all in all this was a great trip!  Everything went smoothly and was easy (besides my stupid speeding ticket!!!).  We had so much fun.

*And the WHOLE ENTIRE time my heart was aching for our baby boy.  I just felt like he was missing.  Like we weren't complete.  I'm so in love with our baby already and fun days like this just make me miss him, even though I've never met him or held him, I just want him to be home!  

Yay for Disneyland!  Can't wait to go back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Garage Sale Fundraiser!!!

Hello friends....

So here's the deal... When Lane and I started this whole adoption process we didn't have the funds ready to pay for everything.  We've managed to come up with quite a bit of money but still need to raise a few thousand dollars.  Lane has been working a ton of overtime and we have some other ideas as well.

Here's where you come in...

I know you've all got stuff you need to get rid of!  Bring it over and let me get rid of it for you!  I'm gonna do a garage sale to raise funds for our adoption.  And if you have stuff you want to get rid of I'll take it!  And I'm shooting for Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and 22nd.

This would be a HUGE help you guys.  

Let me know!

Email me at thebiermanns@yahoo.com or message me on facebook!

Thanks you guys!

Paso 1/2 Marathon.

I got up at 4:45 am on Sunday, got ready, and me and some girl friends headed to Paso Robles to run the Wine Country 1/2 Marathon.  I was super duper nervous because I didn't train.  Well not really.  I started training seriously about 2 1/2 weeks before the race so I thought it would be rough one.  

But I have to say, training in my Vibrams was a HUGE success!!!  My legs felt amazing but my feet hurt like crazy.  And about a week ago I got my NB 10's and decided that I'd wear those for the 1/2 marathon.  I'm glad I did.  I would have died wearing Vibrams for 13 miles.

So the race started out great.  Jess and I decided that we'd try and keep around a 9:00 minute pace since we both weren't feeling prepared.  The first 6 miles were amazing.  No knee pain, no foot pain.  I felt awesome.  Around mile 7 my feet started to hurt... bad.  I think just from running in Vibrams for months.  They're pretty tore up.  But my knee wasn't hurting at all so that kept me going!  I was super stoked because normally my knees start throbbing at mile 6 or 7.  At mile 11 I thought, "I don't want to run 1/2 marathons.  I'm crazy.  Why do I like this???"  At mile 12.6 there was in INTENSE hill.  Like seriously sooo steep that you COULD NOT run up it.  What a perfect way to end a 1/2 marathon???  I think not.  But we finished!  And I felt pretty dang good.  We were were able to keep a 9:15 pace and finished in 2:01!  We were happy with our time!  I wanted to finish in 2:10 or less.

Afterwards me and my friends, Suzanne and Christin went to a yummy place in downtown Paso and had brunch.  Then went to Powell's sweet shoppe and got some candy.  We deserved it!!!  

So all in all it was a good race!  The best I've felt running that far ever!  My legs felt different and stronger.  I highly recommend training in Vibrams for shorter runs just to use those muscles that we don't normally use.  They've changed my world!

Next up... Miracle Miles 10k and the Bull Canyon 10k.  And then I GUESS I'll attempt another 1/2 marathon in October.  City to Sea here we come...

Christin, Me, Lealah, Jess and Courtney!  
Team Running Grrrl!!!