Monday, March 28, 2011


This post is all about running... so beware...

Today I put in 11 miles.  Pretty good for me.  Considering that I haven't really run over five miles in months.  I ran 8 by myself.  I pushed Faye in the jogger.  That was a rough 8 miles but I made it and I felt pretty good.  I got home and Lane wanted to run so I did another 3 with him and my mom.  Surprisingly, I felt good on that run also... but I was running suuuuper duper slow.  

I wanna talk about form.  My form has improved soo much since I started running in Vibrams.  Seriously, it's crazy.  And it's not like I meant to do it either.  My body just had to change what I normally did to feel good in my Vibrams.  Now my legs are stronger, I don't swing my arms.  My heels never hit the ground and I feel good when I run.  I feel like I could go forever.  No knee pain, no IT band issues... my only complaint is super sore feet and blister after blister.  But sore feet and blisters are nothing compared to what I was dealing with before.  

The past few weeks I've been transitioning back into "real" shoes.  I was running in Vibrams only for a few months, but it's been hard on my feet.  And now when I wear my running shoes I actually feel like my form is good enough to where I won't have IT band issues.  I've learned how to use the right muscles.  

Last week Lane ordered these for me... for my birthday...

I'm soooo excited to try them out.  They're the New Balance Minimus 10's.  Here's what New Balance says about them...

Minimus is a whole new approach to footwear, a place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe. Inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. With only a 4mm drop from heel to toe, as little as a third of that of a traditional running shoe,the Minimus collection holds a world of discovery for neutral runners as well as those with gait issues or chronic injury to conquer by learning better form.

I'm excited about these things!  And I'm getting them before my 1/2 marathon, which is in about 2 weeks... so I think I'm gonna wear them.  

And if you don't run or you don't care about running than this post was horrible.  Sorry.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm shaking with excitement today!  This morning I was laying in bed... praying for patience for the day.  Praying that I'd be good to Lane and good to the girls... and praying that we'd hear something... ANYTHING!!! from our adoption agency!  It had been weeks!  As you know we were waiting for "permission" from South Korea to bring a baby home to California.  I've been feeling doubtful and a little defeated and just wondering if maybe we were going to have to switch countries, because I know of someone who for some reason couldn't get permission so they switched agencies and countries.  The past few days, I've just been praying for extra patience.  This morning I got the email!  We got permission!  And not only that!!!  We are now at #7 on the waiting list!  Not too long ago we were at #12.  The list is moving fast.  The agency informed me that we'd be getting our referral "in a few short months".  Craziness!!!  So we're looking at 2 1/2 to 4 months till referral!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost "pregnant"...

This doesn't look like much.  But it's taken me a month to complete this paperwork.  And I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!  I had to take a picture.  This was the first big step and it's done!

And I've realized how much I haven't been writing about my precious girls.  I know I posted that blog about Claire the other day... but I've been sooo busy with all of the adoption stuff that that's all I can think about, write about, talk about... I feel like now I can just kind of let things happen and soon we'll be officially "waiting".  Kind of like being pregnant:)  For over a year.  Ouch.

So here's what the girls have been up to...

(Claire's creation.)

(Faye's creation.)

I literally have hundreds of pictures on my iPhone just like these!  It's crazy.  They love to play games on my phone and take pictures of their creations.  Claire also has this game where you can take a picture of your own face and put a fancy princess body on it... Super creepy... I need to go find it...

Found it.  Scary, huh?

And here they are!  My little lovelies just being lovely...

Watching Princess and the Frog with baby Tiana.

Enjoying the rain.

Trying on Papa's motorcycle helmet.

Goodnight world.  We've got a home visit in the morning that I'm pretty excited about so I probably won't sleep!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He quiets me with his love.

This first part is an update on our adoption...


We have our final home visit on Friday.  This means we hand over all of our paperwork!  Insane that this is happening already.  I can't even believe it.  I was actually feeling a little stressed and like I couldn't get everything ready on time so I called our social worker and she talked me into keeping our appointment.  And I'm so glad she did.  I just went through everything and we are missing two things!  ONLY two things.  I'm just waiting on some reference letters...   But I've been promised that I'll have them by tomorrow and we'll be set!!!  I feel soo relieved.  

So in the mean time we are waiting for permission from Korea to adopt.  Since our agency works out of Colorado they have to ask for permission to adopt a baby out to a California family.  And then once we receive permission we're put on the waiting list for our boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I think I already said this but the waiting list is moving quickly!!!!

So things are happening!  Life is so good.  

And in all of this... I've been reminded how important it is to stay focused on Jesus.  Last night I did a quick run on the treadmill and then hopped in the shower.  My plan was to be cozy in a my pajamas with a cup of tea and watch my 2 hours of recorded TV shows.  But in the shower I felt like the Lord was just telling me "Spend some time with me instead".  So I did.  And it was incredible.  He is so real.  He is so good.  He filled me up.  I was overflowing and it felt good.  I had had a hard day.  Two sick girls and a messy house, along with mounds of paperwork has worn me down.  But I spent time with Jesus and I felt refreshed and alive and I had PEACE.  Oh how I love his peace.  

I kept reading this verse over and over again...

The Lord your God is with you.
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with his love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17

Ohhhh it's soo good right?  I just LOVE that it says, "He will quiet you with his love".  Because so often my mind is so LOUD.   There is so much going on.  I'm going over my lists of things to do, thinking about how frustrated I am that my house is a mess AGAIN, wishing I could take a nap, thinking about how I need to get a run in but instead I should make more time for the girls,  then what to make for dinner???... CRAP.  It's never ending.  But sometimes we just need to let him quiet us.  That's what I did last night.  Prayed that he would quiet me with his love.  Quiet my heart and my mind.  And the peace I felt was so good and so real.  And that peace carried on into today.  I had an amazing day.  The girls were both still sick but the sun was out and we got to spend the day outside.  The girls would play and maybe run a little then both have insane cough attacks:(  But it was just good to be outside!  I got absolutely nothing done around the house and I didn't even care.  

So I'm just glad to know that peace.  It carries me through.  I love it and I need it.

Friday, March 4, 2011


That's Claire's new name.  Lane doesn't call her anything but Spanky.  

Claire these days... She's awesome.  At four years old she knows everything.  She's so sweet.  She's so kind.  She takes such good care of her sister.  She's doing great in school.  She still loves everything princess-y.  She dresses herself and I have to bite my tongue... because she leaves the house in some wild outfits.  As long as the patterns are not matching, her shoes are sparkly and she has a fancy skirt on then she's good to go.  She loves to eat... especially fruits and veggies!  She LOVES to watch movies.  She's hilarious.  She's been saying the craziest stuff and coming up with some awesome ideas.  One thing she say's that drives me insane is "Mom, I can't listen to you cause you're just a kid..."  What???  I asked her to explain this to me.  She thinks that since I'm small (I'm 5 feet tall) that I'm a kid, like her.  And her dad (who's 6'3) is an adult, cause he's big.  Aaaahhhh.  That drives me crazy.  Some days when she says it I don't know if I should laugh or cry.  

And lately a lot of our conversation is about her baby brother-to-be.  She's so excited to meet him.

I'm just loving Claire these days (not that I didn't before, OF COURSE I did) but this age is really fun.  She is sooo her own little person and I love that little person.  

Faye in the background... Haha.

How precious is this picture?  Lane was outside of the car pumping gas and him and Claire were chatting.  She is so in love with her daddy.