Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day Seven :(

So sad that today is the last day!  This week has been sooo much fun! 

Today I'm going super casual.  

Me and my ladies are running errands all day... Target, Costco, Trader Joe's and a million other places.  

T-shirt: Make Pie Not War (A local girl who makes jewelry.)
Pants: Selena Gomez... again.  These things are comfy!
Shoes: Blowfish
Earrings: Forever 21

(Crazy face.)

Ladies this week has been amazing!  I got so many fun ideas from everyone.  I can't wait for Spring Fashion Week!!!  (Emery... hint hint!)  

Can't wait to see what you girls have on today.  

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day Six

It's finally feeling a little like fall today so I'm wearing pants!  It's nice out though.  Overcast but not cold.  Here's today's little number...

Lacy get up:  Borrowed from my sis in law.  She works at this amazing little boutique called Stella Casa.
Jeans: Forever 21
Head band: Forever 21
Shoes: No idea.  I've had them for 10 years.

This post is short but I'm busy today!  Can't wait to check out all of you ladies later!  Have a great day:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day Five

I'm out of clothes to wear.  For real.  I have nothing exciting left in my closet.  So I texted my sister in law and she came to the rescue with an arm full of dresses, tops & rompers... Thanks Brittany!

I chose the romper.  Because I'm tellin' you... It's hot!  It was 82 degrees today!  I'm loving this weather.  And I'm loving that I get to wear summer clothes.

So here it is...

Romper: Forever 21
Shoes: CL by Laundry
Faye's dress: Target
Claire's halloween costume: My closet

I love that they are pounding their lemonade in every picture.

And after Lane took my pictures outside I remembered to put these earrings on.  Super cute teal feather earrings.  These too belong to my sis in law.  And this picture is funny.  I look like a scared alien and Claire's face is just awesome.  

I feel so good about getting this blog done the night before!  Yes!  

Can't wait to see everyone else tomorrow!  Good night friends:)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day Four

I can't believe I'm posting this so early. It's so not like me! But here you go!  And once again, (I feel I need to clarify) it is STILL hot up in here... so I'm not dressed for fall.

And I hate to do the mirror pictures... but sometimes when all you have is an iPhone, a 2 year old, and a 4 year old, the mirror just makes sense.

I'm wearing...
Tank top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross (I don't know what brand and I don't feel like getting up to check...)
And Faye isn't wearing the same dress two days in a row(not that it would be surprising if she did) ... I just changed and took some pictures of outfit #2 for the day.  But Faye's face is awfully funny in this picture, don't you think?  Cutie patootie!

And please check out the beautiful ladies here!!!  This really is so much fun!  And you can still join in if you want to!  And you totally should!

Fall Fashion Week - Day Three

Day three already!  

Once again I'm dressed for summer.  It's hot here!  We're finally getting our "summer" weather and I'm loving it.  We've been outside all morning.  The girls have been riding their bikes through the sprinklers and we're about to head out to Jamba Juice.  

I'm super comfy today.  

Dress: Target
Faye's dress:  Also Target

Once again my photographer is my 4 year old little lovely.  She's pretty good!

And I'm really loving this fall fashion week.  I think I've said that every day so far.  But it's so fun.  And I'm getting such great fun ideas from all of you.  And after seeing you guys I'm desperately wanting to do some thrift store shopping.  I don't do that enough and I really should because you guys look awesome.

Check out the lovely ladies at!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day Two

Today I had a special photographer.  She's 4.  Her name is Claire and she's awesome.  So my pictures are extra artsy today :)

And my outfit... well, it's like 75 degrees today.  Not very fall-ish.  So I'm wearing something summery.  

Also, I've worn this shirt thing every time I've done a fashion week with Emery.  I still love it.

Shirt: Hand me down from a dear friend.  It's from Urban Outfitters.
Shorts: Target  I think.
Sandals: Marshalls
Cute tiny girl: Made by ME.

I'm loving seeing everyone else's outfits.  I think tomorrow I'll borrow something cute from my my sis in law.  I've got nothing exciting to share with all of you.  

Go check out everyone else at!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Day One!

Yay! I'm so excited to do this!!! Thank you Emery!!!

I love doing this because it gives me a reason to actually get dressed and maybe even put a little makeup. I mean right now I'm writing this and I'm in sweats. Haha!

But here is last nights outfit. I went out to dinner with some of my lady friends. We had a lot of fun!

Super duper casual... And super duper cheap!!!
Shirt: Kmart. $3.00 by Selena Gomez
Pants: Kmart. $5.00 ALSO Selena Gomez
Shoes: TOMS (my faves)

Close up of my pants. They look white in the picture up there.

Earrings handmade by my lovely friend Taryn. She makes beautiful stuff! Find her on Facebook! She's called Ella Dolce.

I'm so excited to see everyone else's outfits!!! My favorite thing to do is sit with a cup of tea after the girls go to bed and look at every single one!

Check out the other ladies at Emery's blog!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today was a rough one...

Today was rough.  Some days Claire and I just don't click... at all.  Today was one of those days.  We fight like sisters and that's hard.  I don't really know, because I don't have a sister but I imagine that this might be what it feels like.  It's wild because she goes from this...

To this...

She's four.  Why do I feel so defeated???  She's FOUR!

And then I have this other crazy little lady.  

Who goes from this...

To this...

To this!!!

Faye and I don't fight as much but she is still a handful.  She's my crazy one but she's also waaay more sensitive so she actually listens a little bit because she doesn't like to be in trouble.  

Oh these girls.  Holy Moly!  I'm tired!!!

And it's been awhile so here are some pictures just for fun...

Yesterday was my beautiful mothers birthday so our family went to the Santa Barbara Zoo then out to lunch!  We had a great time!  The weather was perfect!

Faye is super into this lately.  She loves thumbs up, peace signs...

And proof that my hair is finally growing and that I'm figuring out how to style it!  

And last but certainly not least.  The best part of my day today.  Putting this stuff together.  This is a picture of the things we are sending to our baby boy and his foster mom at the end of September.  Our agency is going over to Korea so they're going to bring our stuff over and hopefully get new pictures and videos of our little man!!!  I CANNOT EVEN WAIT!!!

So today was just one of those days.  I'm worn out.  And after I finish this blog I'm going to clean my house for an hour then go to bed.  Nothing is ever done around here.  But really quick I'll say that even though today felt horrible I had peace.  I ran and prayed.  I'm realizing that when I have these days I can't pray for God to take them from me.  I can only pray that he'll help me have the strength to change my attitude and to see the good in my life.  And when I willingly accept his peace and joy, only then will my attitude change.  He won't force anything on me... even his peace.  I'm almost thirty and just now figuring this out.  Wow.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm in LOVE.

Thursday morning started just like any other day.  I had a stressful morning getting the girls out of the house and to preschool.  I dropped Claire off, then Faye.  I got back on the freeway and I literally took a deep breath, listened to music and was super excited to have 3 1/2 hours to myself.  

At 9:25 am I got a call from a blocked number.  I normally would never answer but I did.  It was Regina from our agency.  She asked me if I had a minute to talk.  I said yes but didn't think anything of it since we'd been going over some paperwork stuff earlier in the week.  And then she said, "We have a little guy here for you.  Can I email you his picture and medical reports?"  I immediately started bawling.  I told her YES!!!  I pulled over because I couldn't see through my tears.  My heart felt like it was going to explode.  I was soo extremely overwhelmed with joy but I was also nervous.  Honestly I felt exactly the same way I did the morning I found out I was pregnant with both girls.  I was hopeful and surprised even though I totally knew it was coming.  Honestly though, I wasn't expecting to hear anything about our baby until the end of September.  

I called Lane as soon as I got off the phone with Regina.  He was pretty shocked and told me that I had to wait for him to open the email.  He got off early and we met at home.  I set up the video camera so I could record our faces while we saw his little face for the first time.  I hope he'll love that someday:)  

And man oh man.  We opened that email and I couldn't believe my eyes.  


Our baby.  

Our son. 

The baby boy that we have been hoping and praying for was right before our eyes.  Finally.  I knew instantly that he was meant for us.  My heart is aching for him at this very moment.  I want him here so bad.  But I do know that the Lord has perfect timing.  I feel so blessed to have come this far in the process.  I feel so blessed to know the face of this little person that was meant for our family.  We are so very lucky to have been chosen for him.  Thank you God for choosing us.  We are so grateful!

Sadly I can't post a picture.  I don't know what the policies are on that.  I know they're different for every country or agency.  As soon as I can I will!  

But thank you friends and family for all of your prayers for our little man.  He's perfect and he's perfect for us.  Please continue to pray that things will move along and that his journey home will be smooth.  Right now we are looking at bringing him home in about 11 months.  That puts us at August of 2012.  So hopefully things will stay on track!  Hoping and praying!  Thanks again friends for all of your love and support.  We feel it and we're so thankful!