Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting there...

Life has been interesting...

I've been trying realllly hard to get my priorities straight, to exercise more, to get more sleep, to eat better, to pray more, to take all of my supplements and vitamins and to be a good mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend at the same time.  It's hard to do all of this.  The easiest way for me is to write everything down, at least until I get into a crazy consistent routine.  I haven't found that place yet where I just automatically do these things. It's going to take time.  Lot's of time.

Lane and I just sat down and wrote down a workout plan for me.  Along with training for the Vegas half marathon in December I'm doing a TON of strength training.  I can feel my body changing and it's fun.  It's cool to feel stronger.  I just started this routine so I haven't been running... at all.  Right now I'm just getting stronger then I'll start running more and more as the half marathon gets closer.  The goal is to run this thing and feel good, to have no knee pain and to finish feeling strong and like I could keep going.  

Also, I'm on a ton of supplements/vitamins.  From calcium to aloe shots to progesterone cream... It's sooo hard for me to remember to take everything.  Why do I have such hard time with this???  But I know I feel better when I take them so I need to stick with it. 

Good sleep is a work in progress.  I mean all I have to do is go to bed earlier, but I have a hard time with that considering that I LOVE my evening alone time.  I love watching TV and folding laundry and I love to clean at night.  I get so much done.  I just need to let that go though and sleep more!

I'm almost 30 years old and I'm finally learning that in order for me to be a better mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend I have to be healthy and strong.  When I am healthy and strong and eating right I am happy.  And when I am happy I'm a better person all around.  So with all that said, I have to take care of me first.  This sounds selfish I know.  But it's totally true and right.

I want to be good to them...

And him...

They're worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2011


As some of you know Faye loves to cut her hair.  She also loves to have other people cut her hair, particularly other 3 year olds.  We went camping a few weeks ago at Lake San Antonio and Faye told her precious little friend Danica, "Find some scissors and cut my hair."  And you know me!  Of course there were scissors in my purse!  Right there in the tent where they were playing.  Even after the experience we'd had a few weeks prior when Faye cut her own hair a few times because we literally have 6 pairs of scissors just laying around the house.  I know what you're going to tell me...  PUT THOSE SCISSORS UP!  And the funny thing is after all of this, I still haven't.  Ooops.  Anyway, so her little friend did a little snippy snip.   She actually cut it pretty even.  She cut both sides, right above the ear.  It's hard to get the full effect when it's not in person... but it wasn't pretty!

Here it is...

My amazing friend Amy cut it and it looks ADORABLE.  She did such a good job! Seriously I look at it and I want to chop my hair off!  It's sooo cute!

And the pixie cut is back in style, right??

And just for fun here's my little beauties sunbathing in the yard.  I love summer.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture update...

I never ever post pictures on my blog anymore... I thought it was time.  

We've been sooo busy this summer.  We've been all over the place.  Camping, Sea World, camping, concerts, and more camping... I'm so glad we just get to be home now.  School starts soon and we're just relaxing till then!  Aaaaahhh.  Feels good.  

Here's our summer in pictures...

Most mornings we hang out late in bed.

We LOVE Lake San Antonio!!!  It's hot and we swim all day.  

Trouble maker.  Bridgette.  We took her to the lake last week.  She went into the water and swam out.  I had to dive in and save her life.  No joke.  She was way under.  She lived!!!

Shaver Lake Bakery.  We had Chunky Bread for breakfast and it was insanely good.

Faye being cute.  As usual.

Don't they look old in this???  So funny.

Selena Gomez concert with Suzanne!!!  We had soo much fun!

And lastly some pictures of Lane's new girlfriend.  It's a jeep and he loves it.  He actually spent the morning and afternoon of our 9th wedding anniversary with it.  Yay!  But really it's pretty cool and I guess he did some crazy trails with it or something...  

So that's our life in a few pictures. 

Life is good.  We're happy and having fun and STILL waiting to hear something... ANYTHING!!! from the adoption agency.  We're still at #2 and we have been for a few weeks.  C'mon baby boy!