Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running Grrrl Event this Sunday!

This Sunday!!!
September 26th

Our running team and SLO the Stigma are putting on an event this Sunday out at Biddle Park in Arroyo Grande.  The proceeds are going to a great cause... to raise awareness for mental illness.  If you live around here, please come!  It's going to be tons of fun.  The kids will have a blast and there's gonna be some amazing music!  We're doing a raffle and the prizes are pretty sweet!  So come and hang out!!!  

Monday, September 13, 2010


1:45 am.  I'm up.  I was kind of waiting for Lane to get home from his man trip... He got home.  And now I'm still up... wide awake.  It's a bummer when I know I have to get up at 7:00.  But what can I do?

Write a blog.

So I've had a certain little lady on my mind.  I've written about her before.  Daisy Merrick.  She's an amazing, beautiful, tiny girl.  She's been battling cancer.  It's been a crazy fight.  Tomorrow she goes in to have a tumor removed.  Last time she had it checked out it was the size of a grapefruit and things were not looking good.  She recently had it looked at and it had shrunk to the size of a slice of a tangerine.  The doctors say removing it will be no problem.  She's had people praying for her all over the world.  There are teams of people praying for her 24 hours a day.  Their recent blog posts were heartbreaking.  I think they honestly thought that this cancer would win.  But she's made such a crazy turn around and she's so full of life!

Isn't God incredible?  So often we forget how big he really is.  He used Daisy to teach TONS of people, including myself that he is HUGE and that he has control.  He used her and her family because he knew they could do it.  He knew they would cling to him no matter what.  They did and they still are.

Please if you read this, pray for her.  She goes into surgery at 11:30 tomorrow morning.

I guess I'll write more... I'm still wide awake...

Reading about Daisy has been quite an experience for me.  I have so many problems with fear.  I hate that. But I always think, "What a great testimony the Merricks have."  And then I think, "Geez I hope I never have to deal with something like that."

I've known Jesus for 22 years... maybe more... shouldn't I be in place where I can trust him?  Where I don't have to fear what the future holds?  Yes.  I should be there.  But I'm not.  I can't say "yes" to anything he puts in front of me because I am terrified that it might be too much for me to handle.  When will I get to that place?  That place where I don't have fear.  What do I have to do to get there?  Being in this place is tiring.  I mean look at me... up at 2:00 am...  I want to be freed from this.  I want this to be gone.  This fear.  It holds me down.  It makes me weak.  It steals my patience.  Jesus, free me from fear.  Teach me how to let it go.   I've been praying this prayer for almost 2 years...  and I'm still here... praying this prayer.  I guess it won't leave until I really let it go... and that's the hard part.  Jesus was ready two years ago the first time I prayed it...  I've been holding on... But I'm scared to lose control.  A part of me believes that if I keep this up I have some sort of control over life... and the truth is, I don't.  None of us do.

Aaaahhh.  I need sleep.  That was my therapy session at 2:00 am.  I needed it.  Goodnight world.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Single mothers, you blow me away.  Props to you.  You are strong and amazing.  I don't know how you do it but it's awesome.  

Lane has been out of town (on a man trip) for almost 2 days and won't be back until tomorrow night... kind of late.  I'm going crazy!!!!  I seriously want to rip my hair out.  This weekend has made me realize how much Lane does.  I don't thank him enough for his help... I need to.  I just put Faye to bed and immediately breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.  She's in terrible two mode and it's complete insanity.  90% of the time she is screaming/whining/crying.  Aaaaahhhh.  The house is semi quiet right now... besides Princess and the Frog blasting... but this is the most quiet I've had all day.  And I'm loving it.  I get to sit down for a minute, write this blog, then clean until bed time.  

So I guess this blog is to say that I can't do this on my own.  I don't have the patience.  Some women do... but I don't.  This is really really hard.  I'm so grateful to have Lane.  He does a lot.  He's so patient and I think his presence just makes all of us more calm.  All three of us.  We need that guy around.  I miss him a lot.

And these babies are pretty cute.  It's hard to be mad at them for more than a few minutes...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iPhone rules. Being sick does not.

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat... I felt pretty crappy all day and now I'm in bed at 9:30 testing out a new blogging app on my iPhone. So far so good.

Being sick is the worst... You can't run. I sooo wanted to run today. But last time I ran at the beginning of a sickness I paid for it. I was sick for almost two weeks... Way longer than I should have been. So I guess I'll rest and wait.

So this blog sucks but I just wanted to try out this app...

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Creepy Feet...

I'll admit I've made fun of people for wearing these more than a few times...

Last week Lane and I got our new Trail Runner magazine in the mail. (Something we sooo look forward to... huge dorks, I know!)  There was an article all about barefoot running.  The guy that wrote it had had an insane amount of problems with running... IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, messed up ankles and knees, everything.  He started running barefoot... like totally barefoot.  Over time, his body adjusted to running barefoot and he now can run without any pain, anywhere in his body.  I read that and seriously thought maybe I should try out some Vibrams... since I seem to have never ending problems with both of my IT bands.  Then I kind of forgot about it.  Saturday morning came and we had a new girl come out and run with our club.  Afterwards we were talking about how she usually runs in Vibrams and how much she loves them.  She was saying that she'd had a lot of knee problems before and now she's running without pain!  So right after I left there I rushed home, picked up Lane and the girls and we found a store that sold them.  I got em!  And I'm loving them!  I don't care how hideous or dorky they are.  I'm totally into them.  I've run once in them and it felt pretty amazing.  I'd LOVE to run the City to Sea 1/2 marathon in them.  That's only about 6 weeks away... we'll see.  But I think these things are freaking sweet.  So anyone out there that's got some crazy issues, do some research and give these weird things a try.  I'll keep you posted on them.  I already have my next pair picked out.  Bright pink ones.