Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run till it's fun...

Many of you know that about a month ago... maybe a little longer, I wrote a post about wanting to start a girls only running club.  And it happened.  We are Running Grrrl.  Who knew?!?  This thing has blown up.  Along with the help of some very amazing women we got this thing up and running... literally.  Last weekend... we had about 18 girls come out... maybe 20... no on counted... but there were a lot of us and it was sooo fun!  It was so freaking sweet to look back and see a GIANT group of women running together and feeling awesome.  So we're proud of what this has become and were so stoked to see women growing and feeling empowered.  Every piece is falling into place perfectly.  It's insane how things work when they are meant to be, you know?  So this is just a little bloggy to say that I'm super amped on our girls running club.  It's better than I ever imagined it could be and I can't wait to run more races with these girls.  I look forward to our Saturday morning runs all week long.  Thanks girls for being a part of this club.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tooo many babies...

I watched Oprah yesterday.  I NEVER EVER watch Oprah.  But Nadya Suleman aka Octomom was on it.  And I was intrigued.  She let a camera crew from the Oprah show film her and her 14 kids for a full 24 hours.  And that was insanity.  Seriously insane.  It made me really thankful for my life... thankful that I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids.  It made me reevaluate things.

Lately I've been stressed when it comes to my girls.  I feel like I'm always mad at Claire.  She's three and very very demanding... which I think is normal.  But I spend a lot of the day scolding her, yelling at her, crying because I'm frustrated with her, etc.  And the rest of the day is spent cleaning, doing laundry and making food... and blogging I guess.  But I feel like I don't spend enough time with her.  I know that's why she acts out.  She wants me to see her.  She wants me to give her attention and she wants to feel special.  And I realized, I CAN give her what she needs.  Because I only have TWO kids.  I can make time for her.  All I need to do is... make time.

Watching Oprah was eye opening yesterday because that crazy Octomom can't give her kids what they need.  She can't make time for each one of those kids because no human has that much time.  And I felt sad for those babies, and toddlers, and older kids.  They will never have what a family with 3, 4 or 5 kids will have.  They just won't.

So, today I'm trying to be a better mom.  I'm praying for new patience.  I'm trying to understand where my three year old is coming from when she asks me to help her change her outfit for the 12th time.  I want her to remember these years and know that I was good to her.

This also brings me to the subject of... more babies...

And as of right now... no... we are not planning on having any more.  Life is good like this.  Of course if we did get pregnant we'd be excited about it.  But that's not part of our plan.  So we're good with two.  Two, sweet, crazy, demanding little girls.  And dear Lord help us when they are teenagers!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Miracle Miles 10k!

So, I've been super busy.  But I'm finally sitting down to write about the Miracle Miles for Kids 10k.  The Running Grrrls and I ran it this last Saturday and it was a blast.  We all met up at the starting line at around 7:30.  Most of us hadn't slept well the night before... maybe it was nerves... maybe it was because of a three year old getting up every five seconds to pee.  Whatever.  All I know is, we were all tired.  I was feeling ready and not nervous at all.  I was sooo excited to see all of our Running Grrrl's there!  We had just gotten our sweet shirts the night before and we looked good.

There were soooo many people running this race.  About 2,000.  Crazy!  I've never done anything like this.  It was fancy.  They had those little things you put on your shoe that keep track of your time...  Way different than trail runs.

So we had kind of decided that we'd all run it at our own pace and just try and do our best.  I think that was a good call.  Some of us ran with husbands, some with each other, and some of us ran alone.

I ran alone.  And it was good.  I listened to music.  I never listen to music while I run but I'm glad I did.  I got super amped up.  I felt good the whole time.

And I have to say, everyone did awesome.  Most of the girls who don't love to run, ran a lot more than they thought they would, which is so great.  I'm so proud of everyone.

And I feel weird posting about this, but Lealah keeps saying that I should be proud.  So... I placed 10th for women overall.  Over a thousand women ran this thing.  WTF?!  I had no idea and I was seriously surprised when I found out.  Actually one of our friends told me later that day, and I was like, "What??? Are you kidding me?  Are you sure?  How do you know?  What?!"  But I'm excited.  I feel good about this accomplishment and it was kind of the best 28th birthday present ever.  I ran this thing in 49 minutes.  My pace was 7:57.  Which is pretty freaking good considering that some of the sand was sinky-soft and we also had to hike over some rocks... A LOT of rocks.

All in all, it was the best 2nd race I could ask for.  I was so glad to be there with all of the Running Grrrl's.  We looked pretty cool:)

Can't wait for our next race!

Monday, April 12, 2010

SLO Mountain Run *Update*

Okay you're tired of hearing about it... but I'm still really excited about it.  I'm still talking to Lane about how much fun I had.  So they finally posted results on the website today.  And I placed 9th overall women and I placed 1st in my age group!  So, I'm pretty dang proud of that!!!

And I wanted to run today!  But I'm so sore!  I haven't been sore like this for a loooong time and it feels awesome.  Seriously, I love it.  It means I pushed myself.

And I stole some pictures from the SLO Mountain Run website...

Booty shorts.

There I am.  The second one.  Trying to keep up with the girl in green shorts.  She was good and fast.  

And I promise this will be my last post about this run!  But in 5 days I have the Miracle Miles for Kids 10k.  So get ready to hear all about that!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

San Luis Mountain Run.

Okay.  Just got home a little bit ago.  Did my first race EVER this morning.  It was the San Luis Mountain Run 10k up Madonna Mountain.  It was sooo much fun.  I was super nervous all week long.  I was having some serious anxiety about it and I don't know why.

But I slept good last night... only got up once because Claire had to pee and then woke up on time feeling rested.  I wasn't nervous at all this morning.  We got there and it was absolutely FREEZING.  My poor little ones had to hang out in that icy, drizzly mess while I ran.  So, Lane was there with the girls and my parents came out to cheer me on.  They made signs out of cardboard boxes that said, "Go Mommy Go!"  Cute:)  And fun to see as was I running my a$$ off toward the finish line.

I've never ever run a race before so it was fun to be there.  I've always been told that you run faster when you race just because your adrenaline takes over... I think it's true.  I kept a pretty good pace considering that the first 2.5 miles were STRAIGHT UP a giant mountain.  I power walked up quite a bit of that and then ran my fastest and hardest on all of the flatter parts and downhills.  Running on trails as fast as you can is a really good feeling.  There are times when I felt kind of out of control but it was so much fun!!!

And then after we went to Klondikes and ate TONS of pizza.  Yum.

So I'm waiting for the results to be posted (seriously checking the website every five minutes) because we didn't stick around after... the kids were over it.  But I'm pretty sure I placed 6th or 7th for women.   Not bad for my first trail race:)  And I averaged a 9:17 pace even with all that climbing.  I'm pretty freaking proud of myself.  Can you tell?

Seriously, it was freezing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I'm a little nervous...

In three days I'll be running my first race.  Only a 10k.  But still... my first race.  I feel like I've been running forever.  I've been running now for 3 months?  Maybe 3 1/2 months?  I don't know.  But since I started I've done a lot of running.  Who knew I would be so freaking obsessed with it.  Not me.  I was that girl that "hated running".  I thought my husband was crazy for doing the things he did, 32 mile races, 50 miles races, running 25 miles "just for fun".  But now I constantly think, "I kind of want to run a 32 mile race, like kind of really want to".  Weird.

The past few days I've been feeling nervous, because I want to do good.  I want to run fast.  I've been having dreams about it.  I get lost on the trail and come in last...  I know I'm not the fastest, but I guess I'm a competitive person.  I didn't really know this until recently.  So I want to do good.  I'm competing with myself.  I know how fast I'm capable of running and I want to run faster than that.  But it's a trail race... so we'll see.

I had to write about this because I'm thinking about it all day long.  I had to get this out of my head.

And also lately I've realized how much I've changed... because of running.

My mind has gone from freaky germs, germs, germs to running, running, running.  Good for me!!!  I no longer consider myself a "germaphobe" and that's a really good feeling.  Really good.  Thank you running.  You are so so good to me!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Fashion Week... Sunday.

Happy Easter!!!  Today has been a busy day and it's 3:30.  I finally have a few minutes to write a quick little blog and post my outfit.  Today has been so fun.  The girls have had a wonderful day... it's pretty much been exactly like Christmas around here.  Presents galore.  We woke up, the girls got their easter baskets... toys and a little candy, then my parents came over, and gave them some presents.  Then time for a pancake breakfast followed by a little 8 mile run.  Then Aunt Marilyn came over, with some more presents and candy.  Then a HUGE delicious lunch, then an easter egg hunt... and now this.  Aaaahhhh.  It feels good to sit down.

So here's outfit #7!  I'm kind of sad this is over.  It's been a fun week!

It was freezing today.  So, I'm bundled up...

Scarf: Target or Walmart... not sure
Jacket:  Forever 21
Tights: I have no idea, but they are so thick.  They're my fave.
Shoes: BC from Therapy

Sweater: Target, like a million years ago
Skirt: Forever 21
(And how's this modeling picture.  Ha.)

And for fun, here's my sis-in-law.  Brittany.  Isn't she cute?  I'm pretty sure almost everything she is wearing is from her work.  A little store in the village of Arroyo Grande called Stella Casa.  They have super cute stuff.

And for fun, here are my sweet little lovies...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Fashion Week... Saturday.

I'm posting late today because I spent the entire morning in running clothes and then quickly changed so I could post this blog...  So here it is.  Outfit #6.  Nothing exciting.  I've used all of my cute clothes already this week.

Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Target
Shoes: TOMS... again.  
(I know, I know.  I wear them every single day.)

And seeing this I realize my 3 year old daughter is more than half my height.  Insane.  

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Fashion Week... Friday.

I can't believe we've all been doing this for five days!  It's been super fun!  So here's my Friday outfit...

Head wrap thingy: I made this. It was part of Faye's Halloween Costume.
Top: Urban Outfitters (Hand me down)
Jeans: Pac Sun
Shoes: TOMS

I love this top.  It's super comfy and I feel girly in it.  I have a friend who wore it a lot and I always loved it!  And she gave it to me!  It's still one of my faves.  And TOMS... well they go with everything, seriously everything.  Check out the other ladies at!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fashion Week... Thursday.

So, I'm gonna be honest.  I got dressed in this and then changed before I left the house... it's cold out there!!!  And I changed because Claire walked in and said, "Mama, you look tooooo fancy.  What are you doing?!?"  But I love this shirt/dress.  It's super comfy and was one of my favorite things to wear when I was about 8 months pregnant with number two.  It fit perfectly over my giant belly.

Shirt/dress: Ross?  I'm not sure... Can't remember.
Belt: Forever 21
Gray tights: Old Navy
Black wedges: BC from Therapy... Seriously as comfy as sneakers.

Check out all the other cute ladies at!!!