Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleeping Fayfie.

Faye likes to fall asleep in really random places, really fast. Sometimes she goes and goes and goes until she just can't handle it anymore and she gives in. She's been doing this since she was teeny tiny. And I don't know... maybe most babies do this but Claire never did so I think it's funny and oh so cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Miss Mischief...

So lately, Faye has been getting into everything. I know all babies do it, but Claire kept it to a minimum. Faye is crazy! I leave the room for a second and she's doing something mischievous as soon as she sees me leave...

Her favorite things to do:

-She puts her hands and anything else in the toilet. We recently stayed in a hotel and she put the remote in the toilet. And as you all know, I am terrified of germs so fishing anything at all out of a toilet is my worst nightmare. I feel like I'm living my worst nightmare a lot lately!

-She loves anything with a powdery texture. She's dumped entire bags of flour all over the kitchen floor. And let me remind you, this only takes her a minute to do. She's quick.

-She LOVES to eat dirt. I guess this might be normal? It's not just a little bit of dirt, but entire handfuls, in the mouth. I never really saw a lot of this with Claire so it's all new to me.

-She tries to destroy all of my books. She rips out handfuls of pages at a time. What's weird is that she doesn't do it to Claire's books. Just mine. Hmmm.

-And she LOVES to eat markers then look at herself in the mirror.

So this little one is a handful. But she's so cute and so sweet that I can never be mad at her.