Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls day out...

For the first time since Faye was born Claire and I got to spend a whole afternoon totally alone, thanks to my wonderful mom. We started off our afternoon walking on the Pismo pier. Claire chased/scared pigeons the entire time and talked about how much she missed Faye. Sweet girl. Then we went to the Dinosaur Park in Shell Beach. She explored, pet the "cute dinosaur" and pretended she was a pirate. Then we got lunch at Taco Loco in the village, visited Aunt Brittany at her work and then ended our afternoon with a gigantic cookie and some juice from Cafe Andreini's. What a wonderful day. Claire is so adorable. She's so smart and so so sweet. She honestly told me at least ten times today, "I miss Fayfie" or "I wish Fayfie was here". What a sweet heart. I'm so thankful for Claire. She is growing up and it's happening fast. I want so badly to remember these moments, so I need to make an effort to not the let the stresses of every day life get in the way of how much I enjoy her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sorry for the picture/video overload but I can't sleep. Usually when I can't sleep I catch up on my blogging. It's crazy that I'm having trouble falling asleep considering that when I was reading to Claire before she went to sleep I could barely keep my eyes open. That was 2 1/2 hours ago!!!

I'm gonna post some pictures of our beach day. My mom and I took the girls yesterday. It was beautiful for about and hour and then out of nowhere it was really really cold and windy. So we quickly left and went to Avila Barn. We seem to be spending a lot of time there lately. Claire loves it and knows that every time we pull into that parking lot it means she gets to eat ice cream. That kid can eat more ice cream than I can. It's crazy.

Here's the video of Faye walking. Some of you have seen it already. She's not full on walking but she's all over the place. She takes four or five steps then falls and crawls to her destination. And she's finally getting teeth!!! I feel like she's been teething for months and months and... hallelujah I can finally see two little ones coming in! It's about time.


This blog is random.

Here's some pictures...

Oh and also, Noelle cute my hair. I once again look like a little Chinese girl, which seems to be my look of choice. Thanks Noelle. I really do love it and I haven't washed it yet because I know that I will never be able to make it look this good again. Isn't it strange how hair stylists do some sort of magic? It's crazy.