Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last night was amazing! Me and a bunch of girls went to see Twilight! Something I've been waiting forever for! I knew this movie was happening even before they had casted Edward or Bella... so that's a looong time. Wiss and Michelle waited in a line for a few hours... and thankfully Taryn and I got to show up right before we were supposed to go in... since we have babies who need to eat. Thanks Wiss and Michelle! I went into the movie expecting disappointment... (thanks to Noelle...haha.) But I was so NOT disappointed. I actually LOVED it!!! I thought Edward and Bella had perfect chemistry. Edward was unbelievably attractive. Bella was a litte dude-ish at times, but that's the way she was supposed to be. I thought they did a good job on the movie. The characters were portrayed just right. I have to say, that as of right now I am even more obsessed with Twilight than I was before... this is probably not a good thing. So, to those of you who didn't like it that much, I suggest you go and see it again. It was pretty wonderful. I can't wait to see it again... hopefully without being surrounded by talking thirteen year old girls.

And also, leaving Faye alone with Lane for the first time was a complete success. I was extremely stressed out about it but managed to only call Lane one time. (That's so good for me.) She took her first bottle and did fine. I'm sure I probably won't leave her alone again until she's a year old... haha... but at least I know I can.

Here's some pics from our awesome night out.

And yes. We wore special shirts. Pretty crazy. We're in our mid-twenties. Wiss, Michelle and Taryn had these amazing shirts with their faces photoshopped into them. I just had a sweet-a shirt with the hottest picture of Edward ever. We're huge dorks.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had to post these. I didn't know it was actually possible to blow a snot bubble this huge. Claire was sitting at the table eating applesauce and I looked over and saw this!!! And Claire could actually look down and see it. She thought it was funny and she wanted to leave it there. That's why I had plenty of time to take a bunch of pictures. Isn't it crazy???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breast feeding and other things...

I never posted a blog about this and I should have. It's just more about how funny Claire is... The other day I was nursing Faye and when she was done I just sat there to let everything air out... haha. Claire snuck up out of nowhere and tried to breast feed!!! I was shocked but I was also laughing so hard. And she thought it was really funny. What a little weirdo. But lately when Faye's eating Claire comes up and pretends to take a bite and says, "I eat it too. I eat it too." She thinks breast feeding is really funny. And when I'm wearing my nursing cover she likes to get under there with Faye and "hide". Aaaaahhh. Things can get a little awkward if there are people around. Haha. Also last night we went over to Caleb and Brians. Claire had so much fun. She loves all of those people. And before we went over there she listed off all of the people she wanted to see. We were leaving and Lane was carrying her out to the car and she said. "Dem people is AWESOME!" What?! Haha. She is crazy. And this morning she ran into our room with the "Catch Phrase" game. If you don't know what that is, it's this electronic game. It just looks like a big weird disc that lights up and beeps. She held it out and was like, "Peeese Kis Martin! Peeeeeeease Kis Martin!" So apparently she thinks that game is a giant MP3 player, but also she is obsessed with Chris Martin which I think is funny.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tea parties and God.

So, I know I should start writing down when Claire says funny things because I probably won't remember most of them as she gets older but I haven't. Ooops. So the other day I went to my moms house with Claire. They were getting ready to have a tea party, which they do all the time. It's their thing. I sat down with them at the little table and said, "So Claire, what do you do at these tea party things... what do you talk about?" And she sat there for a little bit and thought... She said, "Ummm, jus tea potties and God." Hahaha. It was super funny because she was so dead serious. And I asked my mom if they talk about God at these things and she said no. So it's just funny what these kids are coming up with these days. Where do they get these ideas??? I love it. I love that her little mind is working and imagining. She is so funny and I hate that she is growing up so fast.

Also, the other night, Faye and I were up late... just the two of us and we did a photo shoot.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I can't get enough of these two!

Seriously, I could take pictures of Claire and Faye together alll day. Claire is starting to be more and more loving which makes me so happy and so proud of her. Faye is starting to respond to Claire too, which is really cool to see. Annnnd I think Faye is starting to smile for real! I can't remember when they actually do this... but I swear she is! Aren't they precious?!?

So besides taking really cute pictures of the girls yesterday, we went to Avila Valley Barn (I didn't take any pictures...) Claire LOVES the animals there and says, "My animals! My animals!" I don't like that she thinks everything is "hers", but sometimes it's funny. After the barn we went out to Avila Beach so Claire could play on the playground. I love that place. It's perfect and the weather was perfect... a comfortable 75 degrees. Faye had a good time laying in the sun.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Answer me this...

So... Lane and I have a goal. To have Claire sleeping in her own bed through the night by the time she's two. This gives us about two months. Right now she sleeps in our bed. She was sleeping in her own bed for awhile but only for a few hours a night. And since the baby was born she's been in our bed only. I just felt like I didn't want to kick her out and have her think that the baby was taking her place in our room. And maybe I'm a little bit crazy and I can't stand to hear her crying for me. Lane tried to get her to sleep in her own bed the other night. He made a bed on the floor for him and then just let her cry. She stood at the door and bawled. She kept saying, "Mommy, mommy!" And my heart was breaking. I went in and told Lane that I wasn't ready! So I guess this situation has a lot to do with me. Well, the reason why I'm writing this is because I'm looking for any tips or advice that you moms can give. I'll take any suggestions. Or if any of you can suggest any good books on this subject I'd love to hear about them. Let me know!


We've had a really good morning so far and it's only 9:00. First of all, Claire held Faye for the first time. I know that seems crazy because Faye is already 2 1/2 weeks old but Claire has not wanted to hold Faye at all until today. I've asked her so many times and she usually gets upset and says, "NO!" But this morning I asked her and she got excited. So she held her all by herself and looked so proud. (I know I kind of cut Faye out of the picture, but I had to get all of Claire's proud little face in there.) She was so happy about it. She held her for a few minutes and gave her an overwhelming amount of kisses all over her face. I know I'm going to have so many more of these moments with these two little girls and I can't wait.

Also Faye's umbilical cord stump FINALLY fell off! Geez. After 2 1/2 weeks. That thing was starting to look crazy. I changed her diaper last night in our bed and realized it wasn't there anymore. I couldn't find it for a few minutes and then there it was, in our bed. Lane was super grossed out. I don't see what the big deal is.

So I guess I'm starting to get the hang of this, "having two kids" thing. It's hard still, because Claire is still adjusting. But I know it's going to be so much fun. And I can honestly say that I love Faye just as much as I love Claire which I didn't think would be possible.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008... what a day.

The day began ok. Normal. Hung out at home... did nothing. We decided to do a little grocery shopping so we packed up the kids (which is a lot of work now) and headed to the store. Everything went fine besides Claire throwing at least three temper tantrums in public. But we made it home. We pulled up to the house and Lane and I both got out and shut our doors. And we heard a beep then a click and Lane said, "Why did you lock the doors?" And I said, "I didn't." We looked in the car... and there were the keys in the middle console. I immediately started bawling! My babies were locked in the car. And I was freaked out because I didn't imagine our car would be an easy one to break into... well it shouldn't be anyways. It kind of was. Lane grabbed a hammer and pried open the back window. It broke, of course. But I was able to climb in and unlock the doors and get our sleeping babies out. Sooo stressful! After this our day went along normally. Claire threw a few more tantrums, which make me feel crazy. And then we got Claire dressed up in her bee costume and headed over to Taryn and Shauns to meet up with all the other babes. They all looked soo cute. Trick or treating actually went really well. The kids were all so cute and so polite. We did about ten houses. By the fifth house, Claire and Ella were running up to the doors. Claire was saying, "Chick Cheet" everytime and then saying "tain too" when they gave her her candy. She did so good! She was soo big. So, that was our Halloween. It was quite a day. It was fun.